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Our Advantage
  • Advanced R&D Laboratory

    The company has established an advanced R&D laboratory in the industry, a professional R&D team, and experimental conditions for animal medicine such as disease detection, product inspection, and process research, which can realize the whole process research from project establishment to industrial production; Sinder has animal epidemic disease detection center, biological product research and development center, Zhuzi process technology platform, Xinda Gene detection reagent research and development, Chemical&Herbal drug research and development, process and quality center, clinical application research and other research and development teams with two CNAS laboratories (CNAS laboratories), 2 national scientific research platforms (national enterprise technology center, postdoctoral scientific research workstation); 7 provincial-level scientific research platforms (Shandong Engineering Research Center for Livestock and Poultry Major Epidemic Diseases, Shandong Provincial Demonstration Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Animal Biopharmaceutical Engineering Laboratory, Shandong Animal Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Innovation Center, Shandong Enterprise Technology Research and Development Center (Suspension Culture), Shandong Enterprise Technology Research and Development Center (Biochemical Agents), Shandong Provincial Veterinary Medicine Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance)

  • Inactivated Vaccine Production Workshop
    The production workshop of inactivated avian influenza vaccine is the first production line approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to use cell suspension culture technology to produce highly pathogenic avian influenza vaccine. It is the first in the world to achieve large-scale cell suspension culture of highly pathogenic avian influenza vaccine for animals. The production workshop of inactivated vaccine (including subunit) has two production lines of inactivated virus vaccine (including virus expression and cell expression subunit vaccine) and inactivated bacterial vaccine (including bacteria expression subunit vaccine) for cell suspension culture, which is capable of producing complex processes and high-quality products and can realize the production of multiple kinds of antigens.
  • Complete Equipment And Facilities
    In Beijing, Sinder Vet has seven vaccine production lines, including live embryo culture virus vaccine, live cell culture virus vaccine, live bacterial vaccine, inactivated embryo culture virus vaccine, inactivated cell culture virus vaccine, inactivated bacterial vaccine, and inactivated bacterial vaccine (including cell culture subunit vaccine), covering almost all production processes in the field of the animal vaccine. It is one of the animal biological products enterprises with the most comprehensive process, the most complete equipment and facilities.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Park Completed

    In December 2021, the high-level biological products intelligent manufacturing park has basically completed construction. The new park is dedicated to the major diseases of livestock and poultry, research and development of biological products, while using cell expression, bacterial expression, genetic engineering, suspension culture, transfer bottle culture and other advanced process technology for product upgrading. With a total construction area of over 70,000 square metres, the project had 11 newly introduced production lines, making it become a new biological product manufacturing park with a larger single capacity and more complete production lines in China, building up the system from product development, process development, Herbal Medicine research, clinical trials to industrialization research, covering the whole life cycle of biological products.

Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd is a China animal health joint venture company with SUMITOMO JAPAN that develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines and services.

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