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Gumboro Live Vaccine

This product is used to active the immunization of bird against and prevent the Gumboro disease.
1. Isolated virus strain, not the clone one.
2. The selected seed virus can resist the attack of standard strain and mutant strain. The immunization will not cause bursal damage and immunosuppression.
3. The moderate virulence will have tiny effect on other immunity such as ND, IB and AI
4. The damage of the bursa is minimized with an outstanding effect again IBDV
5. Strictly carrying out a double inspection on quality, the important factors were tested by third-party Lab of China Agricultural University to ensure the safety and potency of the vaccine.

Gumboro Live Vaccine

[Generic name] 

Infectious Bursal Disease Thermo-stable Vaccine, Live (Strain B87).

[Trade name] SINVAC IBD.

[Active Component & Titer] 

Live attenuated Infectious Bursal Disease virus (B87 strain), Titer ≥103.5 ELD50/dose.

[Pharmaceutical form] Freeze dried Live attenuated vaccine .

[Physical Appearance] 

Slight reddish spongy loose block, easily separated from vial wall, quickly dissolved in diluents.


The choice of vaccination schedule should be determined under the guidance of a veterinary surgeon, taking into account the level of IBD field challenge, age & type of the birds and the level of maternally derived antibodies in the birds to be vaccinated (high levels of maternally derived antibodies can interfere with the active immune response to vaccination).

Recommended Vaccination schedule:

Broilers: at 12-13 days, Booster dose after 1 week. Broiler Breeders: at 14-15 days, Booster dose after 1 week.

Layers and Layers breeders: at 15-16 days, first booster after 1 week, second booster after 1 week.

Routes of vaccination: via drinking water (orally) or Eye dropping.  Shelf-life after reconstitution: 3- 4 hours.


1. The product is only to be used for healthy chickens.

2. Water used should be clean and contain no disinfectants such as chlorine, don’t use metal container.

3. Withdraw water for 4-8 hours before drinking water application according to the weather, age and feed etc. Container should be kept away from light and preferably to be used within an hour.

4. Empty or unused expired vaccine vials must be disposed of according to the local authority regulations.


1000, 2000, 5000 dose/vial. [Package] 10 vials/box*30 boxes/carton.

[Shelf Life] 24 months from production date . [Storage]  Store at 2-8℃.

[Registered Approval No. in China]  Veterinary Drug 010372094.

[Manufacturer] Beijing Sinder-vet Technology Co., Ltd.

A subsidiary of Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd.

[Country of origin]  China .


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Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd is a China animal health joint venture company with SUMITOMO JAPAN that develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines and services.

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