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Tiamulin Fumarate 10% Powder (Swine)

This product is mainly used to prevention and cure of chronicity respiratory passage desease in chicken caused by mycoplasma infection. Also, it is used to treat swine dysentery, swine epidemic pneumonia and prevent the pleuropneumonia caused by parasuis.


1. Quick absorbed in 2-4 hours
2. Coating Technology to improve the palatability, no effect on water drinking.
3. The drug concentration in target trachea and lung tissue is the highest.
4. Slow releasing to maintain 24 hours effective drug concentration.


White or light yellow crystallinity powder/Granular, a little special odor.

Pharmacologic action

Pharmacodynamics: This drug is semisynthesis diterpene antibiotics special for animal, by interfere with micro-organism Palade’s granule, restrain micro-organism protein synthesis, so that achieve the bactericidal action. Have special antibacterial action to pathogen like mycoplasma, helicoid, Actinobarillus and G+

Pharmacokinetics: when taken orally, 90% of it is absorbed by intestinal canal, can reach Carbinoxamine Compound Drops density within 2-4 hours, 80% of it can be discharged by dejecta, and little by urine.

Drug interactions: Have no antagonistic action with majority medicine, while if mixed use with polyether antibiotics such as monensin, salinomycin, it will have antagonistic action

Usage and dosage

Mixed in water: Chicken: 100g /180L water, use for 3-5 days continuously.

Swine:100g/180L water, usd for 5-10 days continuously.

Adverse effect:

1. Swine will show temporary salivation, vomit and central nervous system suppression if overdose use.

2. It is forbidden to use for horse.


1. It is forbidden to use together with polyether antibiotics such as salinomycin and monensin.

2. Please avoiding to contact with eyes and skin when using the product.

3. Please prepare it before use.

Withdraw time: 5 days.

Specification: 100g:10g (10,000,000IU)

Storage: Close tightly, store in cool, dry place, away from light

Expiry: 2 years


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