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Pseudorabies Live Vaccine -Cattle&Sheep

This product is used for prevention of Pseudorabies of swine, cattle and sheep. It is produce immunity at the 6th day after application, the protection period is 12 months.

1. Antigen content>106.3TCID50/head, stable quality in different batches.
2. Antibodies can be detected after 7 days of administration and neutralizing antibodies can be detected after 14 days.
3. It can protect both classical and variant strains
4. High temperature accelerated for 5 days or repeated freeze-thaw for 3 times, vaccine antigen loss<10%


Pseudorabies Live Vaccine

English name: Pseudorabies Vaccine, Live

Main component and content: Pseudorabies virus (Bartha-K61 strain) ≥5000TCID50/dose.

Description: The product is light yellow spongy lose block. It is easily separate from bottle wall, and it will quickly dissolve in PBS.

Purpose: It is used for prevention of Pseudorabies of swine, cattle and sheep. It is produce immunity at the 6th day after application, the protection period is 12 months.

Usage and dosage: Intramuscular injection. The vaccine is diluted with PBS according to the dosage labeled in paper label to 1 dose/ml.

For swine: pregnant sows and adult swine, 2.0ml each; piglets over 3 month-old and feeder pig, 1.0ml each; suckling piglet, the first vaccination, 0.5ml each, the second vaccination after weaning, 1.0ml each.

For cattle: cattle over 1 year-old, 3.0ml each; 5~12 month-old, 2,0ml each; calf in 2~4 month-old, the first vaccination, 1.0ml each, the second vaccination after weaning, 2.0ml each.

For sheep: sheep over 4 month-old, 1.0ml each.

Adverse effect: None at present.


1. Please use up the vaccine in the same day after it be diluted.

2. Sterilize the injection site when vaccination.

3. It is better to vaccinate pregnant sows before delivery of 21~28 days, the maternal antibody of piglets can maintain 21~28 days, after that, suckling piglets and weaning pig should be vaccinated also. Piglets whose mothers had not be vaccinated with the product have to be vaccinated in 7 day-old, and vaccinated the second time after weaning.

4. The product is only used for epidemic areas and areas threatened by epidemic. The product also can be used for urgent vaccination of no clinical situation animals in epidemic areas excepted for infected animals.

Treatment measure of wrappage: Vaccine bottle, implement, unspent vaccine etc. must be sterilized.

Specification: 10 doses/bottle; 20 doses/bottle

Package: 10 bottles/box × 50 box/trunk; 20 bottles/box × 50 box/trunk

Storage: The expiry period is 18 months at the temperature of below -20℃and it is 9 months at the temperature of 2~8℃.

Approved number:  Shouyaoshengzi 010377018



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