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The seminar on high-quality development of meat duck was successfully concluded

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On December 15, 2022, the three-day closed seminar on high-quality development of meat duck (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Association) was successfully concluded in Laoshan District, Qingdao.


Tian Liyu, Chairman of Jiangsu Yike Group, Wang Zhaoshan, Vice President, Xu Baoqi, Chairman of Shandong Rongda Agriculture, Zhao Jingquan, Chairman of Qingdao Daqian Hongye Group, Meng Qingli, Chairman of Hekangyuan Group and his wife Wang Guijun, Liu Yilin, Chairman of Hemei Group, Meng Xianglong, Chairman of Linyi Longxing Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Li Chaoyang, President of Sinder, Cui Guangchao, Vice President of Sinder, General Manager of Sinde Poultry Shandong Business Department, attended the meeting.


Wang Xuan Yu, Deputy Director of New Economy and New Industry Research Centre, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Gao Xijun, Chairman of Hebei Leshou Group, Han Wei, Chairman of Shengfeng Food Group, Xu Weifeng, General Manager of Ludan Industrial Finance, attended the conference on line

On December 13, in view of the confusion of the meat duck industry, such as the internal volume, quality decline, and how to solve the industrial problems, the agricultural and animal husbandry entrepreneurs held many discussions. Focusing on the development of the whole meat duck industry chain, they discussed the effective method to promote the high-quality development of the meat duck industry, reached a consensus to achieve the meat duck quality upgrading in a targeted by organized and strategic way, and set up the meat duck high-quality development promotion association.

Chairman Tian Liyu and General Manager Xu Weifeng put forward constructive views on the meat and duck industry from the association's perspective and financial perspective respectively. Mr. Tian said that the High Quality Development Promotion Association is a high-level empowerment platform, and member enterprises should not only strengthen knowledge sharing at the technical level, but also play value in company cultural sharing, so that the meat and duck industry can truly achieve high quality development and every member enterprise of the promotion association can benefit from the high quality development.

As the organizer of the conference, Sinder is actively involved in all aspects of the high quality development of the meat duck, giving full play to Sindhi's value in animal protection, farming safety, and organizational culture, hoping to use its products&service to promote industry linkages and enterprise cooperation, and to jointly promote the high quality development of the meat duck industry. At the meeting, Mr Li Zhaoyang, President of Sinder, said that Sinder would continue to spare no effort in sharing its knowledge and experience in animal protection and business management to help the meat duck industry develop in a high-quality and sustainable manner.


Leaders at the meeting agreed that improving the quality of meat ducks is in line with the trend of consumer upgrading and is more relevant to the sustainable development of the industry. The promotion association should efficiently play the technical and management advantages among member enterprises, establish a meat duck quality standard covering the whole industry chain, adhere to the quality-oriented and trust-based approach, make high-quality and high-quality meat ducks, and create a broad and bright future.


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