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The 3rd Technology Seminar of China Poultry Grandparent & Parent Generation Breeding Enterprise

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As the top issue of poultry farming, the grandparent breeding enterprises determine the healthy development of poultry farming in China. Seed-borne diseases have a great impact on the downstream enterprises, especially the pendant diseases have a very big impact on the whole industry chain.


On 13-15 October 2022, the 3rd Technology Seminar of China Poultry Grandparent & Parent Generation Breeding Enterprise, hosted by Shandong Sinde Technology Co Ltd, came to a successful conclusion in Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. The conference analyzed the current situation of the development of domestic grandparent breeders, focused on the difficulties and doubts in breeding technology of breeding poultry enterprises, and conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as pendant diseases affecting the industrial chain, and jointly built a platform for the integration of grandparent and parent generation enterprises.


Fujian Sunner, Hubei Cobb-Vantress, Inc, Beijing Jiayu, Jiangsu Jinghai, Harbin Pengda, Guangdong Xinguang, Guangdong Xuganghuang, Ningxia Xiaoming, Hebei Kangyu, Hebei Ruiyifeng, Beijing Zhongnong Model, Beijing Nongxiao, Shanghai Poultry Breeding and other grandparents breeding enterprises, as well as large parent generation enterprises from all over the country, including Wens Group, Lihua Group, CP Group, Shandong Fengxiang, Jiangsu Yike, Anhui Jiaji, Guangxi Hongguang Guangxi Yuanfeng, Shandong Yuxiyuan and other domestic key poultry enterprises solemnly attended the seminar. Wei Ping, a professor of Guangxi Agricultural University, Zhao Peng, a professor of Shandong Agricultural University, Hou Bo, a doctor of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xiao Fan, president of Fujian Shengze Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., Wu Zhen, senior technical manager of Hubei Kebao, Li Chaoyang, President of Sinde Technology, Dr. Yang Tianyao, technical director of Sinde Technology poultry, Mr. Liu Fengxin, senior product manager of Sinde Mycoplasma Department, and other technical experts attended the meeting to talk about the challenges and opportunities of the breeding poultry industry under the current situation.


Professor Wei Ping analyzed the latest epidemic situation of chicken Marek's disease and infectious bursal disease on the spot, and proposed specific countermeasures. At the same time, the latest research results on the variation of Marek's disease and bursal disease in China, as well as academic experiments on the interaction and incidence of Marek's disease and bursal disease after infection. Professor Wei, through a large number of intuitive data and clinical trials, helps us to have a clearer understanding of these two important diseases that endanger the world's chicken industry.


Dr. Hou Bo shared the phased achievements in the research of Mycoplasma gallinarum and infectious bronchitis, and introduced in vitro drug sensitivity tests of different Mycoplasma isolates through image display to provide a basis for scientific drug use. Dr. Hou Bo also specifically explained the impact of different vaccines of mycoplasma wild virus and mycoplasma branches on the grading of clinical bronchitis.


The 3rd Technology Seminar of China Poultry Grandparent & Parent Generation Breeding Enterprise was successfully concluded. This meeting provided advanced experience for the technical directors and practitioners of the grandparent and parent generation breeding enterprises to fight against epidemic diseases, and also provided more ideas and broader development direction for the innovation of poultry breeding industry


Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd is a China animal health joint venture company with SUMITOMO JAPAN that develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines and services.

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