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Classic Swine Fever - Live Vaccine

The product is used to prevent the classic swine fever. The protection period of weaning piglets which have no maternal antibody is 12 months.
1. Good immunogenicity: High antigen content, each dose more than 20000RID
2. Good Purification - Passage cell culturing, no contamination from BVD or other extraneous agent.
3. Good Stability - Mature production technology, tiny difference between different batches.

Swine Fever Vaccine, Live

Generic name:

Swine Fever Vaccine, Live (Cell line origin)

Main component and content:

Vaccinate swine fever virus rabbit adapted strain (CVCC AV1412) to susceptible cell, harvest cell cultures, add in some appropriate stabilizer, then freeze and vacuum drying the emulsion, that is. Cells virus ≥0.015ml/dose


The product is milk white spongy lose block. It is easily separate from bottle wall, and it will quickly dissolve in diluent.

Usage and dosage:

Intramuscular or hypodermic injection

1. The vaccine is diluted with normal saline according to the dosage labeled in paper label 1dose/ml, 1ml/pig.

2. At no epidemic situation  areas, weaning piglets which is without maternal antibody need be injected only once. At areas threatened by epidemic, piglets can be vaccinated at 21~30 day-old the first time and at 65 day-old the second time.


1. The vaccine is used for healthy pigs.

2. Please inject antiallergic drugs in time if there is allergic reaction after vaccination.

3. The vaccine is transported under the temperature of 8℃.

4. Please use up the vaccine in 10 days from the day you received it if the storage temperature within 8~25℃.

5. If you have no cold storage condition and also the temperature over 25℃, you should receive the vaccine with ice bottle, and use it the sooner the better.

6. After the vaccine be diluted, at the temperature of below 15℃, please use up it in 6 hours; at the temperature of 15~25℃, please use up it in 3 hours.

7. Part disinfection is needed during inoculating, change needle for every pig.

8. Treatment measure of wrappage: Vaccine bottle, implement, unspent vaccine etc. must be sterilized.


10 doses/bottle; 20 doses/bottle, 40 doses/bottle, 50doses/bottle, 100doses/bottle




The expiry period is 18 months at the temperature of below -15℃.

CN Approved No.:

Veterinary Drug 010371084


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A subsidiary of Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd.


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Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd is a China animal health joint venture company with SUMITOMO JAPAN that develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines and services.

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