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ND - Clone 30 Live Vaccine

This live vaccine is used for Immunization of birds against Newcastle Disease Strain Clone 30
1. Moderate Virulence with high safety.
2. High Immunization. Not effected by maternal antibodies.
3. Applicable for any day-old bird
4. Strictly carry out double inspection by third-party LAB of China Agricultural University
5. Freedom of extraneous virus including MG, REV, REO, CAV, ALV, etc.

【Veterinary Drug Name/ Generic Name】

Newcastle Disease Vaccine, Live (Strain Clone 30).

【Active Component】

Live attenuated Newcastle Disease Virus, Clone 30 Strain ≥106.0 EID50/dose.

【Physical properties】

The product is a kind of spongiform loose mass. It can be separated easily from the vial wall, and quickly dissolve in diluents.

【Pharmaceutical form】live attenuated, freeze dried vaccine.

【Dosage and Administration】

Product can be applied via Nasal, Ocular, Oral or Respiratory Routes.

The product can be used for chickens more than 7 days old; booster vaccinations can be applied according to your veterinarian advice.

Nasal and ocular routes: Each 1000 dose vial should be diluted in 30 ml sterilized physiological saline or injection water or distilled water, then apply 1 drop each (0.03ml)/bird.

Drinking water route, the vaccine is diluted in drinking water, water volume is determined according to Bird age for ex 5~10 days old, 10 ml each; 20~30 days old, 10~20ml each; adult chicken, 20~30ml each. Generally, dissolve the vaccine in a volume of drinking water that can be ingested within 1 hour.

Respiratory route (spraying): fill the apparatus with fresh tap water and spray the surface which birds occupy, in a manner so that the heads of all the birds are covered with droplets of water. Check the amount of water used, and this will be used to mix with the necessary doses, depending on the number of birds to be vaccinated. 

The following volumes are guidelines:

No. of doses chicks less than 30 days (large droplets) birds older than 30 days (fine droplets)

1,000     200-250 ml 500-1,000 ml

Please refer to your veterinarian to establish the most suitable vaccination program according to the health conditions of each farm and area.


1. It is forbidden to use spraying application if there is mycoplasma infection in chicken flocks.

2. Store the product in cool, dark place and should be used up in 4 hours after dilution.

3. For oral vaccination, drinking water should be clean and contain no disinfectants such as chlorine. Don’t use metal container for dilution.

4. After use, empty vaccine vials, unused vaccine and disposable appliances should be safely disposed of.

5- Keep away from Heat and direct sunlight.

【Withdrawal period】Zero days.

【Presentations】1000 doses/vial. 2000 doses/vial. 5000 doses/Vial.

【Package】10 vials/Foam box × 30 Boxes/Carton.

【Storage】Store at 2-8℃, Shelf life is 24 months from production date.

【Drug Approval No.】Shouyaoshengzi 010372040.

【Manufacturer】Beijing Sinder-vet Technology Co., Ltd., China.

(A subsidiary of Shandong Sinder Technology Co. Ltd.)

【Exporter】Shandong Sinder Technology Co. Ltd.


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Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd is a China animal health joint venture company with SUMITOMO JAPAN that develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines and services.

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