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Infectious Coryza (Serotype A + Serotype B + Serotype C) Vaccine, Inactivated

This is used for prevention of Infectious Coryza caused by Avibacterium Paragallinarum, Serotype A, Serotype B and Serotype C.
For animal use only


1. Selected Virus seed, has a good protective potency on epidemic virus strains.
2. Marol-52 Adjuvant, more pure and safer.
3. IKA Double emulsification technology, to make the vaccine in uniform-sized and easier to inject.
4. Freedom of extraneous virus including MG, REV, REO, CAV, ALV, etc.

Sinder Coryza ABC

Infectious Coryza (Serotype A + Serotype B + Serotype C) Vaccine, Inactivated

Generic Name

Infectious Coryza (Serotype A + Serotype B + Serotype C) Vaccine, Inactivated.

Trade Name】Sinder Coryza ABC.

【Manufacturer】Beijing Sinder-vet Technology Co., Ltd., CHINA.

【Composition】Each 0.5 ml dosage contains the following Active components:

         Inactivated, Avibacterium Paragallinarum:

· Serotype A, C-Apg-8 strain:   Pre-inactivation titer:   ≥ 6.0×108.0    CFU/ml: 0.0534 ml  

· Serotype B, Apg-BJ05 strain: Pre-inactivation titer: ≥ 10.0×108.0 CFU/ml: 0.0534 ml

· Serotype C, Apg-668 strain:  Pre-inactivation titer:  ≥ 8.0×108.0     CFU/ml: 0.0534 ml

Adjuvants: up to 0.5 ml

Appearance】Oil adjuvanted Homogeneous milky-white emulsion.

Indication】For Vaccination of Healthy Chickens  against Infectious Coryza  caused  by Avibacterium Paragallinarum,  Serotype A, Serotype B and Serotype C.

Dosage and administration

   Administer 0.5 ml per dosage within the following suggested vaccination programs

Highly epidemic area

Normal epidemicity

1st dosage /week of life

6 weeks

8 weeks

2nd dosage/week of life

12 weeks

16-18 weeks

3rd dosage/week of life

18 weeks


 It is highly advised to consult your local veterinarian or authority for the proper vaccination program

 that suite your area and Flock.

Routes of  administration

   Intramuscular at the breast muscle (superficial pectoral muscles) & Subcutaneously at the Neck region, it must be in the lower third of the neck.

Adverse reaction】 None if product is used properly.


1- Only used for healthy chickens, don’t administer to birds with any abnormal health condition.

2- Instruments used for vaccination must be sterile. Needles should be changed on time.

3- Shake the vaccine properly before and during use.

4- Avoid S/C Injection close to the head or Deep Intramuscular injection.

5- Breached Bottles preferably to be used at the same day.

6- Do not use within 28 days before slaughter.

7- Any unused product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with national regulations.

8- In Case of accidental self-injection, seek medical help immediately.

Storage Store between 2°C and 8°C.  Do not freeze.  

Packing250ml / 500 ml Plastic Bottle.                      【Packages】20 / 40 Bottles/Carton.              

Shelf life】 18 months.                                

【Drug Approval No. in China】Veterinary drug 010372322.       【Country of origin】 China.


Product Category

Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd is a China animal health joint venture company with SUMITOMO JAPAN that develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines and services.

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