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Glucose Oxidase

The product is used as feed additives to inhibit bacteria and degrade toxin, quickly relieve diarrhea symptoms, and promote weight gain.


1. The first company that produced glucose oxidase in breeding industry in China.
2. The product is very mature and already release in the market for 20 years.
3. Promoting the absorption of feed.
4. The intestine of the animals became longer, thicker and more elastic.
5. Could be used to assist the treatment of intestinal disease with drugs.

Trade Name: Pulijian

Character: Dark brown powder/liquid

Main components: Biological Compound enzyme (GOD, SOD, mycotoxin clastic enzyme), N6 biogen, etc.

1. Prevention and treatment of pathogenic bacteria: A compound enzyme in Glucose Oxidase can consume oxygen or oxygen free radicals in the intestinal tract through an enzymatic reaction, produce gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide, promote forming intestinal acidic environment, directly inhibit the propagation and growth of harmful bacteria, such as Colibacillus, Salmonella, Pasteurella, Staphylococci, vibrio, etc.
2. Restrain mycotoxin and detoxicating: Glucose oxidase can direct repression of Aspergillus flavus, Rhizopus nigricans, Blue mold, etc. relief mycotoxin poisoning, relieve hepatomegaly caused by toxin, immunosuppression caused by atrophy of thymus gland.
3. Anti-oxidation: Glucose oxidase can actively remove free radicle produced by stringent state, protect the integrality of intestinal epithelium, prevent the invading of pathogenic bacterium.
4. Increase immunity: Glucose oxidase can improve the function of immunologic system, increase specific immunity and nonspecific immunity, so that enhance the disease resistance.
5. Improve performance: Glucose oxidase can improve intestinal acidic environment, so that various kinds of digestive enzyme can maintain activity, promote the digestion of feeder, increase feed conversion rate, promote the growth of animals.

Usage and dosage:
1. For prevention: 1L of the product mix with 1000kg of drinking water, use for 5 days every other 3 days. If for long-term use, 1L/2000kg of drinking water, with free drinking or 2 times per day.
2. When treatment of pullorum disease, vibrio hepatitis, dyspepsia, and intractable diarrhea etc. 1L/800kg of drinking water, with free drinking or 2 times per day, for 5~7 days.
3. Compounding with drug to treat colibacillosis, salmonellosis and coccidiosis, 1L/1000kg of drinking water, with free drinking or 2 times per day, for 5~7 days.
4. Prevention of feeder become mildewed, 1L/2000kg of drinking water; treatment of mycotoxin poisoning, 1L/300kg of drinking water, with free drinking or 2 times per day, for 5~7 days.
5. When poultry occur bacteriosis or viral disease, curative drug compound with Sinder glucose oxidase can speed up the absorption of drug, enhance the drug action, decrease death rate and promote recovery from illness, 1L/1000kg of drinking water, with free drinking or 2 times per day, for 5~7 days.


1. Please use up the product as soon as possible or reseal if the package be opened. 2. The product has no any chemical incompatibility, and has synergy if used together with antibiotics. 3. The product has no drug residue.


Please put the product at cool, ventilative place and away from light.


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