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Duck Virus Hepatitis Antibodies

The product is used for urgent prevention and treatment of Duck Virus Hepatitis.
1.High potency with low stress effect.
2.Caprylic acid combined with acidified water extraction method.
3.The purified DVH yolk antibody accounts for more than 85% of the total protein, which is easier to be absorbed.
4.Quick absorbed, whether subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, it is completely absorbed within 4 hours.

Veterinary Drug Name/ Generic Name: Duck Virus Hepatitis Antibodies.

Product Name: Ya Beishu

Main Component and Content:

Duck Virus Hepatitis Antibodies, neutralizing antibody titer (NAT) ≥1﹕256.


The product is light brown or light yellow transparent liquid. There may be a little white precipitate at bottle bottom if standing for 48 hours. The PH value is 6.4~7.2.

Usage and dosage:  subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

  • For urgent prevention: 1 day-old ducklings, 0.5 ml each; 2~5 day-old ducklings, 0.5~0.8ml each.

  • For treatment: ducklings which have been infected, 1.0~1.5ml each.

Adverse effect: There is no adverse effect at prevent.


1. The protection period of passive immunization is 5~7 days with once time application.

2. The prodcut is not effective by oral application.

3. The product can be used for 2~3 times continuously.

4. Because this product has interference to the effect of Duck Virus Hepatitis Vaccines. Please do not vaccinate any Duck Virus Hepatitis Attenuated Vaccine within 7 days after the application of this product.

5. This product can be injected together with antibiotics.

6. There is no influence to therapeutic effect if there is a little white precipitate at bottle bottom for long-term storage.

Specification:  250 ml/bottle; 500ml/bottle

Package: 250ml/bottle * 60 bottles/carton. 500ml/bottle* 30 bottles/carton

Storage: Store at 2-8℃ and expiry period is 18 months.

Approved number: Shouyaoshengzi 150432117



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