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Duck Tembusu Virus Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain HB) ​

This product is used to prevent ducks from the Duck Tembusu virus Disease, the protect period can maintain 4 months.



1. High antigen and protective rate.
2. More than 6 months protection period.
3. Not affected by maternal antibody, the administration can be advanced to 3-5 days old, usually 7-10 days old.
4. No virus expansion, no environment pollution of breeding, no virulence return and not result in aggravation of epidemic diseases.


Duck Tembusu Virus Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain HB)

Generic name: Duck Tembusu Virus Vaccine, Inactivated(Strain HB)

Trade name: Xin Shutan      

Main Components and Content: The main content is Duck Tembusu Virus, HB strain. before inactivation the virus content in each 0.1ml is ≥ 106.1ELD50.

Physical Property: Milky white uniform emulsion.

Dosage and Dosage: Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection into the neck. 0.5ml was injected subcutaneously into the neck of 1-4 weeks old ducks, and 1.0ml was injected intramuscularly of ducks over 4 weeks old. Two weeks after the first immunization, the immune system was strengthened once, 1.0 ml each.

Adverse Effects: No adverse effects generally if product used properly.


1. This product is only used for inoculating healthy ducks.

2. Don’t freeze or overheat this product, the vaccine temperature should be restored to room temperature and shake well before use.

3. Carefully check the vaccine before use, and do not use the vaccine if it is found that the bottle is broken, there is no bottle signature, the vaccine is mixed with impurities, and the vaccine is demulsified.

4. Once the bottle is open, the vaccine should be used out within 1 day.

5. The used vaccine bottle, utensils and unspent vaccine etc. must be innocent treated.

6. It is forbidden to use the vaccine 28 days before slaughter.  

Specification:   (1) 250 ml/Bottle  (2) 500 ml/Bottle

Package: (1) 20 Bottles/Carton  (2) 40 Bottles/Carton

Storage and Validity: Store at 2-8℃, the shelf life is 12 months from production   date.

China Registration Number Approval: Veterinary Drug 010372274.

Manufacturer: Beijing Sinder-vet Technology Co., Ltd

A subsidiary of Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd.


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