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Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) Antibody ELISA Test Kit is applicable to detect the nucleic acid of Circovirus Type 2 in tonsil, lymph, saliva, blood and semem samples. The test results are for research purpose only and not for clinical diagnosis.
1. GMP, ISO 9001 certificates
2. The product is evaluated by National Avian Influenza Laboratory of China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center.
3. High stability and effectiveness.
4. Customization & Multiple packaging

Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) Antibody ELISA Test Kit

(For external detection use only)

For Animal Use Only

Product Name: Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) Antibody ELISA Test Kit

Main Component and Composition:



(1) Coated PCV2 Assay Plate

96wells x 2

(2) PCV2 Positive Control Serum

(3) PCV2 Negative Control Serum

(4) Enzyme Conjugate

(5) Wash Buffer (10 x concentrate)

(6) Sample Diluent

(7) TMB Chromogen Substrate

(8) Stop Solution

(9) Instruction Manual

(10) Reagent Reservoirs

(11) Adhesive Strip

1.5ml x 2

1.5ml x 2

20ml x 1

60ml x 1

40ml x 1

20ml x 1

10ml x 1




Sample Preparation:

1. Dilute the sample 150 times with the sample diluent (e.g. add 1μl sample into 149μl sample diluent, mix well).

2. The wash buffer (10 x concentrate) shall be diluted 10 times by deionized water before use. (e.g. add 9ml deionized water to every 1ml wash buffer (10 x concentrate))

3. Negative and positive control serum shall be directly used without dilution.


1. Before use, place the kit at room temperature (15-25℃) for 30min and restore to room temperature.

2. Take the required amount of Coated PCV2Assay Plate, and set 2 wells for negative and positive controls respectively.

3. Add 100μl positive/negative control to the positive/negative control well, and add 100μl diluted sample to the sample well, incubate at 37℃ for 30min in shading light.

4. Remove the liquid in each well. Immediately add 250μl Wash Buffer to each well and wash. Repeat wash procedure for 3 times, invert the plate and pat it against absorbent paper.

5. Add 100μl of Enzyme Conjugate into each well, cover the plate sealer and incubate at 37℃ for 60min.

6. Same as Step 4

7. Add 100µL TMB chromogen Substrate into each well. Cover the plate sealer and mix thoroughly, incubate at 37℃ for 5 min in shading light.

8. Add 50µL Stop Solution in to each well, mix thoroughly. Measure the Absorbance value of each well at 450nm wavelength of Microplate Reader immediately.

Interpretation of the results

1. Validity of the test: the test is valid when the average OD value of the negative control < 0.20, and the difference between the average OD value of the positive control and the average OD value of the negative control > 1.0.

2. The sample OD value is S. The mean value of positive control is Pp, the average value of negative control is Pn.

3. Calculate: S/P value

4. Judgement: Positive when S/P value ≥ 0.3, negative when S/P value < 0.1


1. TMB Chromogen Substrate and Stop solution may be irritating to skin and eyes. Please keep away from direct touch and light.

2. The Coated PCV2 Assay Plate should be recovered from cold storage environment to room temperature before opening the package. The unused Coated PCV2 Assay Plate shall be stored in sealed bag with desiccant.

3. At low temperature, the Wash Buffer (10 x concentrate) has crystal sediment. It shall be heated in a 37℃ water bath for 10-20 min to completely dissolve the crystal sediment.

4. The serum shall be collected according to the routine method to avoid hemolysis or bacterial growth. The frozen serum shall avoid repeated freezing and thawing. In case of turbidity or sedimentation, it shall be centrifuged or filtered for clarification before testing.

5. The components of different batch numbers shall be not mixed.

Package: 96T x 2/Box

Storage and Shelf Life: The kit shall be stored at 2-8℃ for 12 months. The unused plate shall be kept in a seal bag at 2-8℃ away from light, the validity will be 1 month.


Name: Shandong Xinda Gene Technology Co., Ltd

A subsidiary of the Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd

Address: Building B2, Bandaohuigu Industrial Park, Shungeng Road, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province

Post Code: 262233

Phone: +86 - 0532 5882 0810


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Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd is a China animal health joint venture company with SUMITOMO JAPAN that develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines and services.

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