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Clinical Application of Yolk Antibody

Clinical Application of Sinder antibody

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1. After injection of Sinder antibody, the disease breaks out, and is it OK after using other brands?

Sinder's antibody titer is first-class in China, and this kind of problem is more caused by the mixed infection of the disease and the problems of breeding and management.

for example:

1、duck hepatitis

Sudden changes in weather and temperature, increased temperature difference, and stress on the body will increase the risk of duck hepatitis infection in duck flocks. Please consider these factors and strengthen feeding management.

I have used rough antibody before, and the environment is already highly virulent, and it is difficult to completely eradicate. Under the challenge of virulent virus, the protection period of the duck hepatitis antibody will be greatly shortened, causing the disease. Therefore, after these ducks are out of the market, we must do a good job in biosecurity, and use refined egg yolk antibodies to gradually purify them, and the problem will be gradually solved.

Entering this season, the incidence of duck liver is high, and the dosage should be increased than usual, so as to pass this stage of high incidence of disease.

2、Novel goose parvovirus(NGPV)

Short beak and dwarfism syndrome (SBDS) was caused by novel goose parvovirus (NGPV)--a variant of goose parvovirus (GPV). Ducks infected with NGPV shows clinical signs including growth retardation and protrusion of the tongue from an atrophied beak.

Novel goose parvovirus (NGPV) is a DNA virus that widely exists in the environment. Once the body's resistance is lowered, the virus will take advantage of the weak point, and the disease will appear after infection. Therefore, in the season of high incidence, please strengthen feeding and management to improve the immunity of ducks.

Novel goose parvovirus (NGPV) is constantly mutating, and the antibody from original strain cannot protect from the existing virus strain. Please replace it with the newest novel goose parvovirus (NGPV) antibody by Sinder company in time. The virus strain is close to the epidemic strain, and the effect is real.

Due to the unevenness of maternal antibodies to Short beak and dwarfism syndrome (SBDS), some ducks should be injected with two injections during the high incidence period: one injection at 1 day old and one injection at 7 days old to extend the protection period.

After the onset of the disease, the ducks can also be treated with the novel goose parvovirus (NGPV) antibody. The treatment dose is not less than 2ml. The disease has been irreversible, but the ducks in the disease incubation period can be protected, and reduce losses.

Short beak and dwarfism syndrome (SBDS) is often mixed with duck circovirus, which makes the problem more complicated. Please find a veterinarian in time for diagnosis and contact the laboratory for testing. If mixed infection with circovirus and novel goose parvovirus is found, use our product "Yuanyi" to prevent duck circovirus in advance.

During the period of high incidence of Short beak and dwarfism syndrome (SBDS), please observe the status of the ducks in time, if the early symptoms of Short beak and dwarfism syndrome (SBDS) appear in the duck, timely inject the antibody product.

The protection efficiency of 1-day-old hatchery injection is significantly higher than that of farm injection, and can increase the protection rate by at least 10%. It is recommended to use 1-day-old hatchery injection, because the earlier the injection, the higher the protection rate.

3. Bursa of Fabricius

The bursa is a wall weed. Once the resistance of the chicken flock is reduced and the vaccine immunization is not standardized, the bursa will take advantage of the weakness and infect the chickens. Therefore, please strengthen management and detect the antibody titer of the bursa vaccine in time , to ensure less disease.

The bursa of Fabricius virus has mutated in recent years, and the protection of traditional strain antibodies against mutant strains has declined. Therefore, please choose our trusted antibodies that contain both traditional strains of Bursa Fabricius and mutant strains, which can greatly reduce the risk of recurrence.

2. Can the Sinder antibody be used after freezing?

Sinder antibody has added antibody protection agent, and the titer will not drop significantly after one time of freeze-thaw, about 5%-10%. Therefore, after accidentally freezing, please increase the antibody dosage appropriately.

Once frozen, the loss of potency is small, but it cannot be frozen and thawed repeatedly, and the potency will be greatly reduced with the number of freeze-thaw times, which will affect the product effect.

After freezing and thawing, there will be a small amount of precipitation, which can be seen with the naked eye. It does not affect the product effect and can be used normally. If turbidity or flocculent precipitation appears, the antibody has been denatured and should not be used.

3. Can I use the antibody at the end of the expiry?

Sinder’s antibody technology is extracted using the latest technology, and heat-resistant protective agents and protein protective agents are added. Under correct storage conditions, the product’s potency will hardly decrease during the shelf life. Please use it with confidence.

4. After opening the product, can it still be used the next day?

It is recommended to use it at one time. If you need to use it the next day after opening the bottle due to special circumstances, please seal the product after opening and store it at 2-8°C. It must be used up the next day.

5. Why  Sinder  can be taken orally?

Sinder oral ND+H9+IBD antibody, we added antibody protective agent, which can resist the damage of gastric acid, pancreatic juice, etc., reach the intestinal tract and be absorbed by endocytosis, and then transported to all parts of the body through microcirculation, so it can be taken orally in use. In addition, if the animal is in the disease onset stage, the antibody is absorbed orally, which can directly neutralize the virus in the digestive system and purify the intestinal tract, such as H9 and ND.

6. Can I use it by drinking water if IBD is broken out?

The official recommendation to treat the bursa is injection, but after our process improvement and a lot of clinical verification, the bursa antibody can be treated by drinking water, but the efficiency is slightly lower than that of injection, please increase the dose.

7. I have adenovirus problem on site, can I treat by drinking water?

It is the same as to the above bursa, except that the treatment efficiency of adenovirus antibody by drinking water is lower than that of bursa. Please increase the dose and increase the frequency of treatment appropriately.

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