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Chicken Bronchial embolization plan

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Epidemic Status:

Bronchial embolization is one of the important diseases with high mortality rate and serious impact on breeding, which occurs frequently from October to May of the next year, mainly showing clinical respiratory symptoms, blackening of lungs, bronchial embolism and bursal inflammation in dissection. This disease is closely related to the seasonal climate change, breeding management, biological safety, animal immunity, vaccine immunization and animal health care, the disease has always been on of the most important diseases of various breeding enterprises in winter and spring.


1. Inducement:

(1) Climate change: the temperature difference between day and night is large and poor insulation performance of the breeding farm to cause cold stress reaction.

(2) Feeding management: temperature, ventilation, humidity and other factors in chicken farm

Cold stress reaction is the main inducement for bronchial embolization: In the process of feeding and management, the humidity is too low or the transient and continuous cold stress will cause the contraction of the tracheal mucosa, reduce or stop the cilia beat, and decline the ability to remove pathogenic microorganisms and dust. The pathogenic microorganisms will enter the blood through the damaged tracheal mucosal system, causing a series of symptoms of the trachea and the body.

(3) Body immunity: immunosuppressive disease lead to the decline of immunity and failure of vaccine immunization.

2. Pathogenic factors:

(1) Viral disease: The detection rate of mixed infection of IB and H9 in the chicken farm with the bronchial embolization is high, which is also recognized as the most important pathogenic factor in the industry.

(2) Bacterial diseases: Mycoplasma. E-coli and Avibacterium nasotracheitis mostly participate in secondary infection, which aggravates the mortality rate of the chickens.

Prevention Plan:

1. Feeding management: manage the temperature, humidity and ventilation control to reduce cold stress reaction.

2. Biological safety: disinfection to reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms (Empty disinfection: Oufudi / Animal disinfection: Weilike).

3. Vaccination programme:



Dosage & Method

1 day old

ND+IB(HB1+H120) vaccine

ND+IB+AI vaccine

Spraying: 1 dose

Subcutaneous injection(Neck): 0.15-0.2ml

7 days old

ND+IB vaccine

ND+H9 vaccine

Nasal and eye dropping: 1-1.5 dose

Subcutaneous injection(Neck): 0.3ml

21 days old

ND+IB (LASOTA+H120) vaccine

Water drinking: 2-3 dose

4. Medicine health care:


Prevention of diseases

Medicine plan


2-5 days old

Purify mycoplasma, alleviate immunosuppressive disease, and enhance immunity

Lincomycin Hydrochloride + Transfer Factor

2-3 days old: Use TF continuously for 2 days

8-10 days old

To prevent the stress reaction of vaccination


22-24 days old

To prevent the stress reaction of vaccination, support the blank period of vaccination

Transfer Factor + Timicosin

TF for 20-21 days old

30-31 days old

To prevent the H9 or other virus diseases

Lentinan extract

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